6 Supply Chain Trends That Could Truly Shake You Up

Supply Chain Trends


Here are few insightful jolts that will make you rethink your logistics strategy

Currently, major logistics providers are hitting a road block. There are countless logistics trends floating around the Internet, but most of them lack supporting data. These make resulting insights meaningless and are often not substantial. Given that the world’s economic environment is moving exponentially, logistics providers should implement proven trends & solutions that help in streamlining business processes and operations. Let’s have a look at some of the market trends that are transforming the logistics sector for the good.

IT rules the world

Major businesses around the world are driven by the power of technology & software. Every day, more and more transactions, operations, and processes are governed by software. These are usually conducted within the IT services & data centres. This trend is also affecting the logistics sector in a big way. Big data and cloud-based services are being used by on-ground delivery providers, global, and domestic providers in certain cases.

Agile is in, lean is out.

Lean logistics processed are not preferred in today’s dynamic markets. Agile processes in the supply chain are more preferred. This was a result of the reconstructing the supply chain and leaving no room for error. At the end of the day, supply chain’s efficiency depends on the demand and supply. And, and a robust model of operation only leads to a roadblock. To maintain the business advantage, logistics providers are focusing more being more flexible, in other words, agile.

The bond between retailers & resellers

Both retailers & resellers have to work together to cut overwhelming overhead costs. This is possible by sharing facilities and reaching out to markets that are only possible through a strong collaborative effort. This will make the supply chain network stronger and more streamlined. Sometimes, a certain process in not your core competency, but then you can always outsource that to a specialist in that field. This way supply-chain gets an even flow! This way, businesses can expand their reach and provide services that are enjoyed by the end customer.

In a nutshell, there are many supply-chain trends, but it’s up to the nature of your business to adapt them. Also, remember trends are here to help you. It just comes down to making the right choice. Multinational companies like DTDC have already adopted such current trends, and the results are sure to wake you up.