Courier Service Provider In Singapore
Courier Service Provider In Singapore

Packing & parceling is a significant part of any order fulfillment process. Be it for an e-space entrepreneur or a normal customer, choosing the right logistics partner is crucial for safe & sound delivery. There are hundreds of firms all purporting to offer similar courier services. So, how do you go about choosing the one that suits you the best? It’s not just the shipping cost that you should be worried about. There’s a lot more to consider while choosing a quality courier service. Here are some noteworthy factors you should consider while choosing an International Courier Service. Let’s take a look.

1) Type of delivery
It is always important to choose a courier service according to the product you are planning to ship. Make sure you check policies of the courier company to make sure it suits the size, shape, and cost.

2) Time taken to deliver
You wouldn’t want a gift to reach your friend two days after her birthday, right? Time is a key factor that you should keep in mind while choosing a courier service. A company that provides quickest delivery options without breaking your pocket should be wisely chosen.

3) Security
Make sure you ask your courier service about the security they provide to your packages during shipment. Enquire whether the firm is licensed to do the business and find out if they are bonded and insured.

4) Best Price
The best courier service is not always the cheapest one. Before considering the price, you must weigh the type of services that the company offers, especially safety & security of your goods and how fast it will be delivered. Keeping all these points in mind, gauge which logistics agency will offer you maximum benefits at reasonable prices.

5) Insurance
Imagine sending an expensive crystal earing to your friend for her birthday. However, in spite of having all those ‘handle-with-care’ and ‘fragile’ stickers, it reaches in a broken condition. Who’ll bear the loss? Well, if you had insured the parcel, the company would have taken care of the cost of damage. Therefore, insure your expensive parcels. A professional courier service will surely have an insurance policy to cover any loss or damage. Make sure you know the amount and what it covers before sending the courier.

6) Reliability of the process
Credibility and trustworthiness of the courier service provider must be determined before depending on them for a delivery. Enquire insurance coverage and select a company that offers a fair deal.

Choosing the best courier service provider to cover all aspects means striking a balance between time & budgetary constraints. With a dynamic range of products, services and web-based shipment tracking solutions, DTDC has become one of the most preferred courier service providers in the international space for both inbound and outbound movement of shipments. DTDC provides services across 240 countries around the world. If you chose to deliver your parcel with us, you can easily track your consignment online, by e-mail or via SMS, whichever option is convenient for you. To know more about our services, tracking solutions, and corporate services, log on to DTDC